'ROOTS' is a 5 letter word starting with R and ending with S
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Crossword clues for 'ROOTS'

Underground growths (5)ROOTS
Parts of a plant (5)ROOTS
Family origins (5)ROOTS
Memorable TV miniseries (5)ROOTS
Carrots and turnips (5)ROOTS
Alex Haley epic (5)ROOTS
Original environment (5)ROOTS
Hometown ties (5)ROOTS
Underground plant parts (5)ROOTS
Plant parts (5)ROOTS
Tree anchors (5)ROOTS
Kunta Kinte's story (5)ROOTS
Alex Haley classic (5)ROOTS
Carrots and turnips, basically (5)ROOTS
Family ancestry (5)ROOTS
Plant supports (5)ROOTS
Saga with Chicken George (5)ROOTS

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Definition of roots

  • the condition of belonging to a particular place or group by virtue of social or ethnic or cultural lineage; "his roots in Texas go back a long way"; "he went back to Sweden to search for his roots"; "his music has African roots"

Anagrams of roots


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