'GERMAN MR' is a 8 letter phrase starting with G and ending with R
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Crossword clues for 'GERMAN MR'

German man (4)HERR
Münster mister (4)HERR
German Mr. (4)HERR
Mister, in Bonn (4)HERR
Mister in German (4)HERR
Frau's mate (4)HERR
Mister abroad (4)HERR
Sir, overseas (4)HERR
Munich man (4)HERR
German "Mr" (4)HERR
Mister, in Munster (4)HERR
Frau's beloved (4)HERR
Frankfurt mister (4)HERR
Mainz mister (4)HERR
German title (4)HERR
Man around the Haus (4)HERR
Mister, in Cologne (4)HERR
Frau's partner (4)HERR
Title in Hamburg (4)HERR
Mann's man (4)HERR

Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for GERMAN MR [herr]

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Definition of herr

  • a German courtesy title or form of address for a man
  • a German man; used before the name as a title equivalent to Mr in English

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