'EYE-CATCHING WORKS' is a 16 letter phrase starting with E and ending with S
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Crossword clues for 'EYE-CATCHING WORKS'

Eye-catching works (5)OP ART
Illusory abstract style (5)OP ART
Illusory graphic style (5)OP ART
Eyeball-bending graphics (5)OP ART
Eyeball-bending paintings (5)OP ART
Eyeball-bending drawings (5)OP ART
Illusory paintings (5)OP ART
Bridget Riley's painting genre (5)OP ART
Dazzling drawings of the '60s (5)OP ART
Visual illusion genre (5)OP ART
Eye-fooling pictures (5)OP ART

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Definition of op art

  • a style of abstractionism popular in the 1960s; produces dramatic visual effects with colors and contrasts that are difficult for the eye to resolve

Anagrams of op art


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